Minecraft Color Codes Ultimate Guide (2023)

Know the best Minecraft color codes available in game through this post and customize the game according to your taste.

If you are looking for the best guide on Minecraft color codes, then you are at the right place.

There are a lot of gamers all with different tastes in gaming. But Minecraft is the only game that can fulfill the requirements of every gamer.

Our ultimate Minecraft color codes guide will help you in fulfilling your requirements in certain ways.

Customization is the biggest reason why gamers like Minecraft more than any other game.

There is a lot of customization you can make like Minecraft skins, houses, weapons, and much more. Minecraft color codes are also part of customization in Minecraft.

We have covered some of the parts like minecraft mod servers, skins and house ideas, and much more.

In this blog post, we will cover every piece of information about Minecraft color codes you need to know.

Don’t confuse color codes and formatting codes because these refer to the same thing.

What are Minecraft color codes?

Minecraft color codes are used to make different shades of dye. Players can change the color and format of certain textual elements using color codes and Minecraft formatting codes.

You can also use these codes to assign a particular color to a particular team. It can also be used in changing the color of dyed armour.

You can also use these color codes for creating colored signs or for adding color to server messages. You can also make some announcements look bold or italic.

Best Minecraft Color Codes

Below mentioned are some of the best color codes for Minecraft;

Black (black)§0000000 000000 
Dark Blue (dark_blue)§10000AA00002A
Dark Green (dark_green)§200AA00002A00
Dark Aqua (dark_aqua)§300AAAA002A2A
Dark Red (dark_red)§4AA00002A0000
Dark Purple (dark_purple)§5AA00AA 2A002A 
Gold (gold)§6FFAA00 2A2A00 | 402A00 
Gray (gray)§7AAAAAA2A2A2A
Dark Gray (dark_gray)§8555555151515
Blue (blue)§95555FF15153F
Green (green)§a55FF55153F15
Minecoin Gold (minecoin_gold)§gDDD605DDD605
Aqua (aqua)§b55FFFF153F3F
Red (red)§cFF55553F1515
Light Purple (light_purple)§dFF55FFFF55FF
Yellow (yellow)§eFFFF55FFFF55
White (white)§fFFFFFFFFFFFF

How To Use Minecraft Color Codes

To use color codes for Minecraft, you have to use §f symbol before the color hex of the color you want. The symbol we have mentioned is not a normal symbol and you can’t use it directly as there is no way to use it directly from your keyboard. We are mentioning the way of typing §f.

  • For windows US/UK keyboard – ALT + NUM2 + NUM1
  • For windows ANSI keyboard – ALT + NUM0 (NUM1, NUM6, NUM7)
  • For mac US keyboard –  ⌥ Option + 6 | ⌥ Option + 5
  • Any other mac keyboard – ⌥ Option + 00a7
  • Compose key activated Linux – Composeso

Use these above-mentioned shortcuts for the sign to use your desired color code.

One most important thing about using color codes and formatting codes are that although there is no difference in color codes and formatting codes from a customization perspective. But the game understands these terms differently.

If you are using Minecraft color code after formatting code in the java edition, then the game disables the formatting code.

So while using the color code and formatting code together, always write the color code first.

In the bedrock edition of Minecraft, you don’t have to worry about the thing we mentioned above because the game will automatically control the scenario.

How To Create Colored Text For Minecraft Signs

You can create a sign with colored text very easily as it is not a difficult task. Follow the steps if you are using the bedrock edition of Minecraft:

  1. Place the sign on the ground.
  2. Type “§” sign and then write the color codes of the color you want.

How To Change The Colored Text For MC Server Messages

The task of changing the color of your Minecraft server messages is not very difficult.

You can change the Minecraft server’s message of the day (MOTD) by inserting the proper color code before the message.

Now you very well know how to access the server properties. Access them and insert the appropriate color code correctly before the message.

Now save the changes and restart the game and you will see the new color of the Minecraft server message of the day.

Let us also provide you with some Minecraft color codes for the Minecraft server’s messages :

  • \u00A70 – BLACK
  • \u00A71 – DARK BLUE
  • \u00A72 – DARK GREEN
  • \u00A73 – DARK AQUA
  • \u00A74 – DARK RED
  • \u00A75 – DARK PURPLE
  • \u00A76 – GOLD
  • \u00A77 – GRAY
  • \u00A78 – DARK GRAY
  • \u00A79 – INDIGO
  • \u00A7a – GREEN
  • \u00A7b – AQUA
  • \u00A7c – RED
  • \u00A7d – PINK
  • \u00A7e – YELLOW
  • \u00A7f – WHITE

Some Minecraft Formatting Codes :

Well, Minecraft formatting codes are very few and also not so difficult to learn as Minecraft color codes.

§l = bold text

§m = strikethrough text

§o = italicize text

§n = underline text

Minecraft Color Codes FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Minecraft Color Codes FAQs.

Why You Should Use Minecraft Color Codes

There is no necessary condition that you should use Minecraft color codes. Also using color codes will not be imposing any advantage or disadvantage on the game directly or indirectly.

You can use color codes for some extra fun as the involvement of different colors looks cool in animations. This is also a part of the huge customization provided by Minecraft.

How to get special text in Minecraft?

We have mentioned the method very precisely which you can follow from our website and get special text in Minecraft.

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