Lords Mobile Codes List (February 2023)

Unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses with our comprehensive list of working codes for Lords Mobile.

Lords Mobile Codes List is the thing that lots of players are looking for because Lords Mobile Redemption stands out as one of the best MMOG strategy games on both Android & iOS since its initial release in 2016. The PC release was back in 2019 and it become more popular among players after this PC release.

If you are also a fan of this game and then you might already know that this game includes free gifts you can redeem using codes. These codes are safe to use and totally free and can get you freebies. So here are all the Lords Mobile Redemption Codes to redeem free promo gifts.

Lords Mobile Codes Wiki (January 2023)

Here are all the Lords Mobile Redemption Codes to redeem free gifts:

  • HALLOWEEN2022 – Redeem this code to get 100 VIP Points x5, 2,000 Energy x1, Speed Up (60 m) x5, Speed Up Research (60 m) x5, Random Relocator x1, 500,000 Food x1, 150,000 Stones x1, 150,000 Timber x1, 150,000 Ore x1, 50,000 Gold x1
  • LM2022 – Redeem Code to get Gold Boost (25%) x10, Ore Boost (25%) x10, Timber Boost (25%) x10, Stone Boost (25%) x10, Food Boost (25%) x10, Speed Up Training (10 m) x10, Speed Up Research (10 m) x10, 1,000 Energy x10, 25% Player EXP Boost x1, Trickster x10
  • LM001 – Redeem Code to get Incinerator x10, Braveheart x1, 100 VIP Points x3, Speed Up (10 m) x10, Speed Up Research (10 m) x10, 150,000 Food x10, 50,000 Stones x10, 50,000 Ore x10, 50,000 Timber x10 and 50,000 Gold x10

Expired Codes

  • 2021cj
  • 2021LORDS
  • 2022ARTIFACT
  • 3DMAP
  • Alice5
  • Chadra5

Lords Mobile FAQs

Get your answers for Lords Mobile codes questions.

What are Lords Mobile Code?

These are alpha-numeric values that are shared by the game developers and can be used to redeem free items in the game. Keep in mind that these codes may change or expire over time, so it’s important to stay updated on the latest codes.

How to Redeem Lords Mobile Code?

Here’s how to redeem Lords Mobile Redemption Codes:

  1. Go to the official Exchange Center
  2. Type in your IGG ID or Player Name
  3. Type in one of the working codes from our list above
  4. Now click on the “Claim” button
  5. Your gifts will be sent to your account directly from here

After following these simple steps, you will get your reward, but if you still face any problems in redeeming codes, you can watch this video from Zulevnai YT

Why Lords Mobile Codes are not Working?

Having issues while redeeming codes in Lords Mobile Redemption? Get the reason why the codes are not working.

  • Possible causes of code invalidation include missing characters or letters in the code.
  • Punctuation errors.
  • Expired code lifespan.
  • Exceeding the limited number of uses for a specific code.

To avoid these issues, we recommend copying and pasting the code directly from our list of active codes.

How to get more Lords Mobile Codes?

Stay updated by following their official social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and the game’s official discord group. Additionally, bookmark this page for regular updates on new codes for Lords Mobile redemption.

At our website, we not only provide codes and tips for Lords Mobile but also for many other popular games like Roblox. We continuously monitor over 100 Roblox games for new codes and updates.

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