Pokemon Go: Best Dragon Type Pokemon Tier List (2023)

Have a look at the list of some of the Best Dragon-Type Pokemon In Pokemon GO which will make it easier to win a lot of raids in the game.

Want to build a strong team in Pokemon Go with the help of Pokemon Go tier list? If you want to, then do follow our tier list.

Dragon-type Pokemons are considered the more substantial Pokemon types than the others.

There are lots of Best Dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon Go in spite of this fact, only some are most likely considered the best.

And building a team with the strongest Dragon type Pokemon will make it easier to win lots of raids.

So let’s look at the Best Dragon Type Pokemon In the Pokemon Go list.

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What is Dragon Type Pokemon?

The Dragon Type is one of the eighteen Pokemon types. As all Pokemon types have their strength and weakness against other types, just like Fire type Pokemons are strong against Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice but are vulnerable to Ground, Rock, and Water type Pokemons same way Dragon type Pokemon are strong against Dragon, their attacks are not much effective against Steel and Fairy type.

Dragon type Pokemon are resistant to Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric and vulnerable to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy in a gym battle.

List of Best Dragon Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Below is the list of the best Dragon Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go;

Latias (Mega)Dragon and Psychic
Latios (Mega)Dragon and Psychic
Mega Charizard XFire and Dragon
Mega AmpharosElectric and Dragon
Mega AltariaDragon and Fairy
GiratinaGhost and Dragon
RayquazaDragon and Flying
ZekromDragon and Electric
ReshiramDragon and Fire
KyuremDragon and Ice
DialgaSteel and Dragon
PalkiaWater and Dragon
GarchompDragon and Ground
DragoniteDragon and Flying
SalamenceDragon and Flying

If you don’t have enough Mega Candy then you can always go with the Legendary Pokemon like Rayquaza, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, etc. They are the strongest Dragon Type Pokemon all through the game.

Dragon Type Pokemon Tier List:– Ranked from Best to Worst

Tier list of all the Dragon Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go from best to worst;

GiratinaS Tier
Mega Charizard XS Tier
DragoniteS Tier
RayquazaS Tier
Mega AmpharosS Tier
GarchompS Tier
SalamenceS Tier
Mega AltariaS Tier
Mega LatiasS Tier
Mega LatiosS Tier
PalkiaA Tier
DialgaA Tier
KyuremA Tier
ZekromA Tier
ReshiramA Tier
HydreigonA Tier
HaxorusA Tier
LatiasA Tier
LatiosA Tier
AltariaA Tier
FlygonB Tier
SliggooB Tier
GoodraB Tier
DragonairB Tier
Alolan ExeggutorB Tier
GabiteC Tier
TyrantrumC Tier
ZweilousC Tier
DruddigonC Tier
GibleD Tier
ShelgonD Tier
FraxureD Tier
VibravaD Tier
KingdraD Tier
DratiniF Tier
BagonF Tier
TyruntF Tier
DeinoF Tier
AxewF Tier
GoomyF Tier

Pokemon Go Tier List FAQ’s

Who are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Slaking is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon go. Slaking stats alone can perform better in game.

What are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?


What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Mewtwo is the strongest. This pokemon has everything except dark and street styles.

That’s all from this guide on the Best Dragon Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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