How To Create MapleStory Private Server (2023)

Create MapleStory Private Server by using this step-by-step guide mentioned below. Enjoy MapleStory more by creating your own server there.

Hello Gamers, do you want to create your own free MapleStory private server? Read this post and you will be able to Create MapleStory Private Server.

Despite the simplicity of the game mechanics, in which there are only four parameters.

It is quite exciting and gives the impression of completeness. Much attention is paid to protecting accounts from hacking and protection from the use of bots.

MapleStory is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by the South Korean company Wizet. The game is made in a style close to one of the varieties of anime – chibi.

In addition, it is possible to get a pet, get married, change your appearance, but for real money.

As in many other MMORPGs, Maplestory players can form groups to complete specific group tasks or go to bosses.

Create guilds with the subsequent possibility of uniting them into an alliance. Add friends to the friend list or offenders to the ignore list present in the game and PvP.

How to Create a Maplestory Private Server

A v60 private server is a type of server in the online multiplayer video game “MapleStory.”

Although traditional play in play requires you to play with other people from all over the world.

Maplestory Private servers allow you to create your own special server for just you to play.

You can create a private server when starting a new game on MapleStory. It will allow you to start a new character in a totally private world.

Steps to Create Maple Story Server

  • Open “MapleStory.”
  • Click “New Character.”
  • Click “Select Server” on the following screen.
  • Click on “Private Server.” It will allow you to create a private v60 server in the game.
  • Complete the character by following the wizard. When you start the game, you will be on your own server.

MapleStory Private Server Requirements

“MapleStory” is a free-to-play multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon. You control your character with a keyboard and attack your enemies using a mouse.

Although you can play “MapleStory” for free, you need real money to buy bonus items such as pets and decorations.

To overcome this problem, you can create your own “MapleStory” private server and play with your friends without ever needing real money for the bonus items. Things You’ll Need

  • Mysql Server 5.0
  • Java Development Kit
  • Files Policy JCE
  • Mysql Query Browser
  • Version 0.75 localhost
  • Version 0.75 Xml wz Spudgy files
  • v0 .75 manual GM
  • WampServer 2.0
  • Workshop Hex Hex Editor
  • Version 0.75 GMS Installation Files
  • v0.80 GMS
  • Setup Version 0.75 GMS RAR File GMS
  • Version 0.75 ZIP Files Part

Create Maplestory Private Server

  • Left-click on WampServer and select “Bring online.” Left-click on it again and select “start all services,” the program icon will turn white. Press “CTRL+H” and replace all “3306” entries with “1000”.
  • Open the “JCE Policy Files” folder and copy the two policy files you find inside. Paste them to these locations on your hard drive:
  • C: \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre6 \\ lib \\ securityC : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre6 \\ lib \\ extC : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre6 \ \ libc : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre1.6.0_17 \\ lib \\ securityC : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre1.6.0_17 \\ lib \\ extC : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jre1.6.0_17 \\ libc : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jdk1.6.0_17 \\ jre \\ libc : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jdk1.6.0_17 \\ jre \\ lib \\ extC : \\ Program Files \\ Java \\ jdk1.6.0_17 \\ jre \\ lib \\ security
  • Open MySQL Query Brower and type “localhost” in the “Host Server” field, “root” in the “Username” field, and “3306” in the “Port” field. The default value for the “Password” field is “root.” Click “OK,” go to “File,” and select “Open Script.” Navigate to the SQL folder in the “Arber Source.” folder and run all the files you find there
  • Go to your “MapleStory” folder and open the file. Replace the IP you find there with your own IP. You can also change many other settings in this file. If you have a password set for MySQL Query Browser, open “” and enter your password.
  • Open Hex Workshop, go to “Open,” and select “localhost.exe.” Press “CTRL+H” to start the search and replace the wizard. Type “” in the “Find” field, 3132 372E 302E 302E 31″ in the “Hex” field, “your hamachi IP of your wamp IP” in the “Replace” field, and “796F 7572 2068 616D 6163 6869 2069” in the second field “Hex.” Click “Replace All,” and three entries will be replaced. Save the file and click “No” when asked to save a backup file.
  • Go to No-IP’s official website and register a free account with them. Log in and click the “Add a host” button. Enter a name like “Host,” select a subdomain name from the drop-down list. Choose “DNS Host” as the “Host Type” and enter your IP in the “IP Address” field. Click on the “Create Host” button.

Copy the IP you see after creating the host, hex-edit your localhost again, and use that new IP.

Give the IP to your friends, and they can connect to your MapleStory V75 server.

List of Best Private Server

You are looking for the best MapleStory private server or a development forum. I provide you with a list of the best MapleStory servers! Choose from an endless list (fun, semi-’like, roleplay, free to play) and join your favorite MapleStory server!

  • MapleLegends (Nostalgic, Low Rate, NoPay2Win)
  • AerisMS (NoPay2Win, Nostalgic, Low Rate)
  • My-MS v83 (Rebirth, Custom Content, High Rate)
  • Phoenix – Old School Maple (Low Rate, HD client, GMS Like)
  • DenMS (Nostalgic, NoPay2Win)
  • ClassicMS (Party Quests, Low Rate, Nostalgic)
  • StoryMS (Linked Skills, Monster Cards, Low Rate)
  • MapleCitizens – v83 (ActiveDiscord, Low Rate, FriendlyGMs)
  • KiotoStory (NoPay2Win, Nostalgic, Low Rat)

With the help of the above-mentioned instructions, you can easily create a MapleStory server.

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