19 Best Minecraft Mod Servers (2023)

Best Minecraft Mod Servers for free to adjust the game accordingly by Minecraft players are mentioned. These Minecraft Servers are operational.

Explore new things and have some extra fun by using the best Minecraft mod servers.

If playing Minecraft is your job, then you will definitely need mod servers for Minecraft.

These mod servers will add some extra things which you will not get in the regular Minecraft.

You can have some extra weapons, cars, or some extra Minecraft enchantments if you use Minecraft mod servers.

Use these minecraft modded servers ip to make your blocky world more interesting.

If you played games like Super Mario, then we can call Minecraft as super Mario of the new generation.

Minecraft is a video game with mind-blowing features which made this game more than a video game.

You can mine different types of 3D blocks, explore things, battles, and much more. It would be very interesting if you use some Best Minecraft Mod Servers in the game.

Minecraft is a great game because of its huge and vast criteria of game theme. But, gamers lose interest in the regular gameplay.

They started using Minecraft mod servers which provide enormous abilities to explore many other things or you can say that makes Minecraft’s world go round.

You can use the Minecraft mod servers to make the game run according to you, adjust the features according to you, and also you can add many other things in-game with the help of Minecraft mod servers and you also don’t need to know any programming languages to do so.

There is a great number of mod servers available for Minecraft. All mod servers have their own modifications and specs for the game.

We collected the best among all the mod servers for Minecraft and these mod servers contain mods related to breathtaking architecture and vistas of a world with completely new rules and game modes.

What are Minecraft mod servers?

Mod servers are modified game servers that provide you with some special specs in games other than what a normal server provides.

You can do a lot of things in-game if you are using mod servers. Like you can gain advantages over other players which are not using mod servers.

You will find these mod servers for Minecraft very interesting. The specifications are mentioned below the names of servers so that you can choose the most suitable mod server for Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Mod Servers and Minecraft Mod servers IP

Below mentioned are some of the best Minecraft mod servers with their server IP addresses. Don’t forget to use these modded servers in a right way otherwise you will get nothing.

1. Brawl

IP: brawl.com
Server: Minecraft battle royale server

If you love FPS battle royale games that are rich in gang bang shooting, then this Minecraft mod server is best for you. This mod server for Minecraft provides you FPS mods that you can compare with the themes of games like PUBG, call of duty, and many more.

2. Mineplex

IP: eu.mineplex.com or us.mineplex.com
Server: Minecraft survival server

If we talk about one of the largest Minecraft mod servers, then it is Mineplex. It has a huge number of players around the globe and it contains vast game features or game types.

Mineplex mod server for Minecraft looks like the best MMO game built by professionals. This thing of Mineplex made this one the best Minecraft mod server. There are always plenty of people to play with.

One more interesting thing about Mineplex is that you can also play Minekart in this mode server. Minekart is blocky recreation of Mario kart in which there are the recreation of blocks and karts which you can enjoy by using Mineplex.

3. Grand Theft Minecraft

IP: mc-gtm.net
Server: Minecraft survival server

You will be going to love this Minecraft mod server because as the name suggests, it contains mods of GTA which is the king of all times. This server has compiled two great games together which are GTA and Minecraft.

You can enjoy story mode games like GTA and features of Minecraft in this mod server for Minecraft. Now you can play free lifestyle, own houses, own weapons, and money, and use them in game. You can now mess with police as you do in GTA games and much more.

4. Minescape

IP: minescape.me
Server: Minecraft RPG server

If you are a great fan of the RUNESCAPE game, then this server is perfect for you. This RPG Minecraft mod server will engage you in its features which make this server a perfect MMO.

This mode server for Minecraft has a perfect blend of OSRS and RS3 so that players from both sides can enjoy it. This RPG server has the most reliable products in all areas, crowds, and skills at RUNESCAPE.

5. Minewind

IP: server.minewind.com
Server: Minecraft survival server

Minewind is not so much efficient mod server for Minecraft. It does not contain as many features contained by any other mod server.

You will see the ultimate battleground of killing people, deception and misery, and much more.

So that’s why we included this server in our list. The main theme of the game is pretty simple you have to survive as long as you can by facing endless Minecraft hordes, battles, and falls.

6. Pixelmon Craft

IP: server.pixelmoncraft.com or safari.pixelmoncraft.com
Server: Minecraft RPG server

No doubt that this Minecraft mod server is one of the best. This is based on the pokemon theme and made it multiplayer by pixelmon modes.

It is divided into two servers, pixelmon is based on the theme of kanto and johto regions inspired by the very popular Nintendo games.

All the locations of these games are revived by the developers of pixelmoncraft. You can play this as same as an original game.

The animals in Minecraft have been replaced by pokemon which will help you in battle. Pokemarts and long grass will also be going to play a major role in the battle so don’t ignore the long grass.

This Minecraft mod server is a perfect blend of Minecraft blocky beauty with pokemon. It looks like a Pokemon game for PC.

7. Among Us Performium

IP: http://mc.performium.net/
Server: Minecraft Among Us server

Minecraft and among us are one of the best-rated and most popular games of today’s time.

What if you have a server that includes both Minecraft blocky features with among us clever minds? This Minecraft servers is best for this type of gameplay.

There are Minecraft among us servers and you can play with your friends.

Along with that, you can also play with other players publically as it is open for everyone and does not require any other credentials like mods or textures to play publically.

Among us Gameplay has been cleverly redesigned, the top boss health bar shows the progress of your work, and the tasks themselves have been done as honestly as possible – you will plan lessons and eliminate debris inside the chest, for example – and be given a compass to help you get your outstanding jobs.

8. Zero.minr

IP: zero.minr.org
Server: Minecraft parkour server

Shows the flexible atmosphere of Minecraft, Zero.Minr is a parking server – yes, in-depth.

Filled with various challenging maps, buildings and assassinations are thrown aside in favor of running and climbing the intricate web of towers and roads.

The amazing caravan above has shown some of the most challenging routes, chucking at the top with a sure jump to send more breakers to their demolition.

If you don’t have your hand on Minecraft and you also don’t want to play the game in case to complete the missions or anything else, then this Minecraft mod server is for you. You can play free-style Minecraft games by using this server.

9. Pirate Craft

IP: mc.piratemc.com
Server: Minecraft RPG server

What does your mind interpret after looking at pirates? If I am not wrong, then it will be related to some ships, theft, etc. This server is based on pirates, sailing, and plunder in the pirate craft.

Pirate Craft server is an amazing server with full combats, and pirates between the ships. If we corporate this with the idea of Minecraft then it sounds a little bit old fashioned, but it works as have a lot of fun. Just like any pirate’s game, ships are made, sailed and weapons are mounted to fire on enemies at the time of battle.

In the world, a simple but active economy is repeating the trade and looting of this era, and players can build their own Minecraft that builds ‘safe spaces’ to make bunk and store treasures in it.

Safe places are safe for the miserable, which means you can build the way you want without fear that others will dump you with your art.

10. Hypixel

IP: mc.hypixel.net
Server: Minecraft skyblock server

This Minecraft mod server is full of mini-games like a murder mystery, cops and crime, and much more small games. If you have an interest in these mini-games then you can go for this mod server for Minecraft.

11. Desteria

IP: pvp.desteria.com
Server: Minecraft faction server

If we talk about Minecraft mod servers then there are a lot of servers that share common features and differences also.

There is a difference in desteria mod server for Minecraft because its class and levels made it unique from other servers.

This server is ideal for an RPG lover, it has a great theme for RPG lovers and its environment made it different. So reload your weapons before entering this server.

12. Minecraft Middle Earth

IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com
Server: Minecraft RPG server

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to be a classic the world, in which you will inevitably be photographed in a textured block, and it was Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

This is a simple project that is primarily based on the film’s vision of the World-directed by Peter Jackson.

You can help you move forward in the creation of the world, the people, elves, fairies, and little creatures if you follow the rules.

13. Ranch N Craft

IP: mc.ranchncraft.com
Server: Minecraft RPG server

Ranch n craft mod servers for Minecraft are best if you have an interest in taming, dancing, and farming.

If you want to mug up battles and salons then this server is an ideal choice. It has a lot of extra features which made this server perfect for Minecraft.

14. Westeroscraft

IP: mc.westeroscraft.com
Server: Minecraft RPG server

This mod server for Minecraft is filled with modernization, just like middle earth is a classic server.

It is popular for game of thrones mods which are recreated with more fun and thrill.

The higher education vision of the modern fantasy world made this server great. It also contains red castle’s mods.

15. The Mining Dead

IP: mc.havocmc.net
Server: Minecraft survival server

In this mod servers for Minecraft battle, shipbuilding, and survival on a large map, the fight goes on, both independently and by other interested parties.

Most of the action takes place within the Minecraft version of DayZ, where players must try to survive on the Minecraft server by surviving on a whole new scale.

The mining industry and the dead like some scenes, hospital, prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria.

16. Hivemc

IP: play.hivemc.com
Server: Minecraft minigames server

This mod server for Minecraft is the biggest and best Minecraft server in the world and HiveMC will always give you more to do.

The game of hiding and seek, before the game to live HiveMC covers all types and genres.

In addition, it is a very interesting alliance with the future of new mini-games and maps to provide services, to them all the time. To stay up to date with all the latest updates, check out our website.

17. The Archon

IP: play.thearchon.net
Server: Minecraft skyblock and faction servers

This Minecraft mod server is the best Minecraft sky blocks server. It also provides you with the robbery and other outland game mods. A vast variety of players are enjoying this mod server.

18. Manacube 

IP: play.manacube.net
Server: Minecraft skyblock, faction, parkour, creative, and survival servers

It is one of the best Minecraft mod servers because it does not require you to pay anything for winning certain gifts. This server also contains skyblock, parkour, and many other mods.

The island mods of this server made this server different from other servers. If you want something different or other than a regular mod, then you can go for this server.

19. Fallen Kingdom

IP: play.fallenkingdom.co
Server: Fallen Kingdom

If you want a server like Captain Sparklez, or related to this, then you can choose this server. You can make a defense army for battles, guide your troops for battles, and much more.

How to join a Minecraft mod server?

We have mentioned the Minecraft mod servers IP of the servers mentioned in the list.

Choose the one which suits your domain and grab the IP address of the loved Minecraft server.

Now start the game and add a server in multiplayer mode. Now enjoy the features provided by the best minecraft mod servers which are not available in normal Minecraft.

These are some best Minecraft mod servers. So you can choose any of the servers which suit your gaming domain.

Grab the IP address, turn your game on, and boost in Minecraft. We want to remind you that these are some of the best Minecraft mod servers collected from various sources.


How to make a Minecraft mod server?

Making mod servers is not that much easy task as compared to joining a mod server. We would suggest you join any of the mod servers for Minecraft from the IP given and enjoy.

How to get a free modded Minecraft mod server?

You can check out our blog on the best Minecraft mod servers and you will get all the information related to your niche.

Is modding Minecraft illegal?

Modding any game is not illegal until you use mods in training mode or in offline mode.

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