7 Best Virtual Space Apps For Andorid

Best virtual space apps for android devices. I have shared a list of top performing virtual space or parallel space for android.

Are you looking for the best virtual space? then you are in the right place. Today, I am sharing the best virtual space you can get online.

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular virtual reality apps, and these virtual reality apps are compatible with the greatest number of Android devices.

Well, this list is currently for Android devices, but soon I will be posting for iOS as well.

The virtual space that I am going to share is free to use and doesn’t require high-end settings on your smartphone. But some of them charge to remove ads from their applications.

I don’t think that this will be a problem for the major users. This is the way that these apps make money online.

These virtual-space apps can clone social media apps, games, and other private files without an issue. Some of them provide features that are even missing from your own Android device.

I can promise that once you read this post, you will not waste your time searching for other virtual space apps.

What is virtual space?

A virtual space app is an application that provides a feature to clone and copy files, apps, games, and many more on your Android device.

These apps also work as a dual-storage solution for your Android device. They take up some space on your Android device.

All the virtual space comes with its own engine, which is required to run the application. These virtual-space apps can clone any application on your Android device.

Top Virtual Space Apps for Android in 2023

The top virtual reality apps for Android devices are listed below. You can choose any virtual-space app as per your requirements.

I am not going to make this complicated for you to choose between these apps.

If you want my suggestion, then please read the conclusion of this post. If you are interested in any of the below dual-space apps or virtual-space apps, you can download them from the Google Play Store.

All of them are popular and trusted in terms of privacy. I have also shared my experience with these top virtual reality apps in this blog post.

Why should you consider my list of the best virtual spaces?The answer to this question is really simple: I have been using these apps for the last 4 years and even today.

These apps are now part of my daily work. I will recommend that you read this post entirely.

1. Parallel Space

NameParallel Space
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Rating4.4 Stars

Parallel Space is one of the most downloaded virtual space apps on the Google Play Store. Parallel Space is an app developed by LBETech. This application was famous for social media cloning.

I used this app to clone my WhatsApp account, and guess what? I didn’t have issues with this app in terms of notifications, performance, and more.

At first, this app came with so many bugs, which are now fixed. This app provides all the features that you need in your daily life.

Its capabilities for games and apps are quite fantastic. While using this app, your device might heat up a bit, but that should not be a problem, I guess.

This is not the only app that comes with so many features, but what makes it different is privacy and trust.

2. Dual Space

NameDual Space
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Rating4.3 Stars

Dual Space is one of the oldest apps, and it was the first app that I discovered in terms of virtual space.

This app also has a good number of downloads and decent ratings. This app has become famous for its size.

It is one of the smallest dual-SIM phones available on Google Play.If you are looking for an app that can clone your social media accounts, then this is one of the best apps.

This app is so light that it doesn’t require too much space on your Android device. Dual Space is our second-best virtual space app, which is also free to use and has a large user base.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, privacy will be our major concern, and this app comes with all the major security features.

In simple words, this virtual-space app is what you can rely on. It doesn’t require too much space and works on any Android version.

3. Super clone

NameSuper Clone
CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.3 Stars

Super Clone is yet another excellent online virtual space. This virtual space helps you create unlimited social media accounts. You can run multiple social media accounts in this app without any problem.

There is no limitation on the accounts you can use in this virtual space. Superclone is the best virtual space available online.

This app was first released to clone social media accounts; later, that extended it, and now it can clone different applications as well.

If you are searching for a virtual space that can clone your social media apps, then this is what I will recommend.

Try this app, and you will be satisfied. All the virtual-space apps come with a privacy locker, but this app provides some extra features.

Another funny part of this app is that it allows you to change application names, labels, and icons.

The above apps might not support the Google login in games and apps, but this app did that for me. Google Play login links don’t work in most of the virtual space apps.

Super Clone also allows you to change application labels, icon colors, etc. You can make fun of this, but only if you have time to do it.

Super Clone also supports Google Login, which is good, and I like this feature.

because you will encounter this problem in a few dual spaces. You can quickly switch the accounts that you recently used. So I would like to say that this is the third-best or top virtual space for Android.

4. 2Accounts

CompatibilityAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.0 Stars

2Accounts is a recently released virtual space app. With a few clicks, you can run multiple accounts.

In some dual spaces, you will find a data loss problem, but with this dual space, you will not face this issue.

The data loss problem is that sometimes these apps lose their data when they crash. 2Accounts is an easy-to-use Android virtual space.

It has a good rating on the Google Play Store, as well as a good amount of downloads. You will also get notification of your dual accounts without any delay.

This virtual space app has a good user interface, which is a plus. This app is good if you want to read the root files of the application, but it will not allow you to edit or change files.

5. Multiple accounts

NameMultiple Accounts
CompatibleAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.1 Ratings

Multiple Accounts is another great virtual-space app you can get online. As the name suggests, this app is for the cloning of social media accounts.

This is also one of the best virtual reality apps. Its user interface is also good, like that of 2Accounts.

This was the first app to clone games; other apps later added this feature, but this was the first app to clone games.

You can easily add or remove games from multiple accounts. This app makes it simple to gain root access to the virtual machine.

You can then use any mods or apps that are not running. Octopus is also another great virtual-space app you can get online. It is the second-best gaming virtual space app.

Well, this app is also equipped with all the other features, such as a private safe, a privacy locker, instant loading, notifications, updates, etc.

5. Octopus

CompatibleAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratingsfewer than four stars

Well, this app is beyond the other virtual space apps. This app provides so many features that you will not find in any other virtual-space app.

It is built to run games. You can take advantage of this app while playing Android games because it allows you to keymap the controls of Android games with a joystick. You can easily use a mouse or numeric keypad.

I first discovered this app while looking for a way to play games like PUBG Mobile with a joystick.Later, PUBG Mobile developers banned this app, but it still works with most Android games.

If you are not searching for a gaming virtual space, then this is not for you; this app is only for the games.

Its UI also feels like a gaming device, and as an add-on, it also allows you to sign in through Google Play in games.

Octopus has been built to run heavy games with less workload on the mobile processor.

Octopus Virtual Space is the best choice if you guys are looking for the best gaming virtual space. This app provides different features and modes for MOBA games and shooting games.

6. Clone App

NameClone App
CompatibleAndroid 5.1 and later
Ratings4.3 Stars

Clone is the only virtual space app that is ad-free. If you are using a virtual space that keeps showing ads, then you need to switch to this app.

This is the major feature of this app: it is ad-free. Its user interface is like other virtual space apps.

This app does provide some customization; for example, you can customise colors. Well, I did find some bugs in this app, and I hope they will be fixed as soon as the new update arrives.

This app will be enough to clone social media apps; if you like doing customization, you can also do that in this clone app’s virtual space.

It is the best app for those who don’t want ads and want an ad-free experience.


Size300MB Approx
TypeVirtual machine
CompatibleAndroid 5.1 and later

VMOS is an application that actually clones the operating system. It is free and can be paid for as well. This app supports dual-space apps.

This app works as a dual operating system; basically, it is a complete virtual machine, and it allows root access.

To get root access, you have to purchase their Pro plan. You can use this virtual space app to test hacking tools, malware apps, etc.

There are also some drawbacks to this virtual space app. The VMOS app requires a high-end smartphone.

If your device’s memory is low, then it might crash or not even work properly.

There are also some bugs that provide users with a negative experience.Other than that, this app is awesome, and you can also use it to run custom Android.

Final Words

That’s all for the best virtual reality apps. You can get these apps from the Google Play Store that I have already mentioned.

If you ask me which is my favourite virtual-space app, then I will choose VMOS over any other app. Other than VMOS, you can rely on Parallel Space, which is a good choice.

You can choose any app as per your requirements; all are in the top virtual spaces.

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