15 Best Android Horror Games (2023)

I have shared the best android horror games that have cut scenes, horror scenes, thrillers, zombies, etc.

Want to know the top 15 Android horror games that are available on the Google play store? In this post, we are looking at the top android horror games.

I know lockdown is a kind of horror for a few people. Now, in this post, we are talking about the horror games that are available for free.

Horror games are a kind of mystery game that allows you to explore the world of unknown things. In this list, I have included games that have cut scenes, horror scenes, thrillers, zombies, etc.

All of the below games are good and they work with android devices. No matter how old your android device but you can still take advantage of these horror games.

These games are only for 18+ users because few games are full of thrillers.

I don’t recommend any user which is below the age of 18. You can download horror games directly from the play store. Few games are paid and I will tell you the way by which you can get them for free.

What are horror games?

Horror games are video games genre main on horror fiction and are typically designed and made to scare the player.

Unlike most other video games, horror games are also based on adventure, action, and simulation. In horror games, you are a narrator or a character. Horror games are available on Android and iOS devices.

Top Android Horror Games List

Before you roll up into our top android horror games make sure that you are above the minimum age group required to play these games.

These games include violence, thriller, blood, and more terrifying things. Users below the age group of 17 are not allowed to download these games.

1. Colina: Legacy

In this game, you will be playing the role of a character named Alex. Alex is a boy who wakes up in his grandmother’s home. When he wakes up he finds nothing at that home.

He was alone and unsure of where everyone has gone. He begins to start searching for his grandmother and clues to escape the home.

But as soon as he moved he realizes that someone stalking him. As the night comes the darker the mind of Alex becomes.

So this is the storyline of this game and you have to find clues to get out from the dark home. I am pretty sure that you will be going to like this game.

Colina Legacy is an indie horror game with challenges and much more. You have to control Alex to protect him from the dark or unknown things.

Alex comes to his grandmother’s house on vacation and the vacation turns into a horror movie.

To escape from the room of terror Alex has to find a way. Now you will be Alex and you have to do something to get out of the house.

2. True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 & 2

In this game, you are playing the role of a brother. You received a letter from your sister and you have to follow the address.

But the house mentioned at the address is quite mysterious and you have to explore the house to find what is inside the house.

After that, you realize that your sister didn’t mail you the letter. Because the house mentioned in the address is more than the house.

You entered the house and start to explore it and you realize that someone staring at you continuously.

Basically, the house is a scary asylum. You have to use the map to solve the mystery and to get back to your home.

In this game, you will get cutscenes that will surely give you goosebumps.

You have to read hundreds of notes and diaries to fully understand what is going on.

3. School White Day

This game is not available for free but this is the best game according to the price also.

If you don’t interested in purchasing this game then you can download it from third party sources (it’s your choice).

This game is based on Asian countries’ environments. It doesn’t have 3d graphics but its storyline is much better than other games.

That’s why this game was bought by so many users. This game has a good story that will lead you to school.

Where few students found themselves locked in the school late at night. In this game, you will feel the next level of fear.

In this game, you will find possessed janitors, ghosts with mysterious pasts, and all sorts of dangers and horrors.

To survive in the game you have only one option which is ‘Run’. You need to run to survive in the game because there are no weapons, guns or other tools. Because you are in school and none of the schools has guns and weapons.

4. Dark Forest

Dark Forest is a lost-story game that will surely impress you. Dark Forest: Lost Story includes a whole series of stories about demons and ghosts.

I like this game because it allows you to learn more about demons and ghosts.

Later in this game, you will meet two popular characters. As the game says, this game is not built to scare players, but it also gives them a chance to look at some well-known things.

I like the storyline which is quite good and all the things will happen in the dark forest.

Dark Forest is not a limited game as I already said, in this game, you will find Baba Yaga. And Baba Yaga is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed or ferocious-looking old woman.

She will help you to survive in the forest or not? there are so many questions which you have to discover. I like this game and I would recommend you to play this game at night.

5. Mental Hospital 6

Mental Hospital 6 is a newly released game in the horror category. If you had played the older version of Mental Hospital 6 then you already know the storyline better than I.

Mental Hospital 6 comes from a reporter’s perspective. In this game, you are going to play a reporter role.

You got a message from your friend Ada about the Santa Monica Psychiatric Hospital, that something mystical is going on there.

You devised to take some clues from clips to unveil the truth of the hospital.

You know that the most hopeless psychos from all the states were brought there.

This game is too terrifying with a good storyline. If you are interested in this game then it will not be a wrong choice for you.

Mental Hospital 6 Horror Game Features

  • The reason why Mental Hospital is on our lists is mentioned below.
  • Many scary monsters and animals.
  • New levels to complete.
  • There is a Camera that allows you to see in the dark.
  • Stunning graphics for mobile devices.
  • Complete absence of in-game purchases.

5. Death Park 2

In this game, you are going into a city that is full of mysterious, ghosts, monsters, and adventures.

This game has a similar storyline what we saw in the IT Chapter movie. I like the game, and that’s why I have included this game in the top 20 horror games.

This game is similar to a mental hospital but there are more things that you have to discover in this game.

The game icon tells you everything about the game monsters. In this game, you will see Clowns, and you have to save your sister from the clowns.

You have to visit 8 Huge locations in the game. The locations are streets, hospitals, cemeteries, sewers, and military bases.

You will be able to move between the real world and the world of sleep in this game.

In the world of sleep, you will be able to solve riddles and fight a scary clown and various monsters to protect your family.

Features of Death Park 2;

  • Really Scary Clowns, monsters, and weapons.
  • 8 Huge Locations
  • Unique Puzzles
  • Awesome Graphics
  • Original author’s soundtrack
  • Best horror experience.

I love this game and it works fine with me. This means I don’t like this game a lot because you will not see anything new.

Like previous popular games has characters and stories that are good and unique. I don’t like the idea to introduce a clown as the main character.

Now it totally depends upon you, the game is good and it has awesome graphics. If you are really interested in this game then there is no problem while playing this game. It is a good horror game.

6. Bendy Ink Machine

Bendy Ink Machine is a first-person puzzle game developed by Joey Drew Studios.

In this game there is no storyline, you have to solve puzzles to complete the game. It is not a scary game but this is quite interesting.

I like this game because I have a mind, and this is only made for gamers who have a piece of art.

In this game, you will see a story of the 1930s, and trust me it is really good. In this, there are two characters Henry and Bendy.

All you need to find out is the way outside the Ink Demon. I hope you will like this game.

I don’t have any extra words for this game. Its graphics are smooth, obviously, it will be.

If you are interested in this game then you can download it from Google Play Store.

7. Endless Nightmare

You are a police officer and you have investigated the crime which happened to your home last night.

You have to explore your home and each area to find out the clues. Keep your eyes open while finding clues and other useful items because in this game there are lots of jumpscare scenes that will scare you.

Before you enter in the game please make sure that you put a headset on your head, because the game sounds are also important to find clues and protect yourself from the ghosts of your wife and daughter.

Game Features

  • No internet connection is required.
  • Best Storyline in a horror game.
  • 3D graphics and design.
  • Multiple difficult modes.
  • Visual horror game experience.
  • Fun and more.
  • Scary music.

8. Detention

This game doesn’t have so many features as we mentioned earlier in the previous game. But this game is also the best game to play in lockdown.

I don’t recommend you if you are not interested in old mythologies. But the fact is that this game kinda feels true.

You can also imagine this game storyline by just playing for a few hours. Basically, the best feature of this game is that it is based on East Asian culture.

The soundtrack, 2D graphics, and multiple languages are the only best feature of this game.

If you are interested in this game then you can also download this game from Google Play Store. This game is similar to our third horror game School White Day.

9. Evil Nun 2

Here is another game from our horror games list. Evil Nun 2 is the second part of the series.

In this game, you will really feel the atmosphere of a horror game. In this game, there are lots of jumpscare scenes that will surely haunt you at night.

I don’t recommend this game if you are a child or below adult age. This game provides awesome horror game graphics that are unique and scary also.

I had played this game and I don’t want to remember more about this game. Basically, its graphics are not too realistic but its storyline is amazing!

The most exciting theme of this game is it totally based on school and Nuns. Nuns in the industry of horror games is not a big deal.

You will find lots of the Evil Nun horror games but this is the best. I like this game and that’s the only reason why I included this game in this list. There are so many features available in this game you can use.

10. Escape Room

This game has no storyline, you need to only find a way outside of the room.

This game is inspired by a movie name “Escape Room” in that movie 6 people were came into a room where they have to find a way outside of the room.

The story of this game is similar to that movie. If you like puzzle games and are interested in finding clues to get out of the room then you can download this game. It is good, the graphics are 2D and they are still amazing.

There are about 50 Levels in the game and to complete them you need to find clues.

There are about 50 rooms that contain various clues and hints to complete the game.

I like this game feature but there are so many games related to this topic but still I prefer this game because it is good and has more levels than other games.

You can also download escape room from the google play store and you cay can play this game online and offline.

11. Hello Neighbour

Hello Neighbour is a stealth horror game that is available on the Google Play store. In this game, you have to find out the secrets of the neighbour’s house.

He is hiding secrets inside the basement of his house. There are so many things from where you can get into the house but you need to find out a way to escape also.

If the neighbour catches you then it might become hard for you to escape and the mission gets failed.

In this game, if we talk about the graphics then they look like cartoons. I don’t like the graphics but the storyline of the game is quite okay.

In this game, you will not get so much huge locations. This game is available on the Google Play store and this game is also unique in terms of storyline. I like this game and it is good by the way.

12. Fog Hospital

Fog Hospital! is another best horror game that is incredible in terms of story and graphics.

This is also the best horror game according to me and you will really be going to enjoy it. The storyline of this game is that six years ago, there was an Old Marrow Hospital.

The hospital is near a big lake so it was often foggy. So the people start saying the hospital as ‘Foggy Hospital’.

The hospital was a good place for patients before the nurse killed whole the patients.

After that, the nurse kills himself also and after six years the place becomes haunted. Not because the six years passed, it was because the people who lived near the Fog Hospital found that the Nurse is still alive.

In this game, you are playing a role of a Reporter. Which is common in horror games.

You went to that hospital to dig up the fact of the actual things. And the game of horror starts now.

The graphics of this game are quiet and good and it is really a good game.

If we come to the storyline which I already mentioned above you can imagine how the game is.

I really like this game and I also know that you will also when you play this game.

13. Under Depth of Fear

Under Depths of Fear is a survival horror game. The game was developed by Rogue Games and it is really a scary game.

This game has good graphics quality and has lots of jump scares that will haunt you. The story of this game is also interesting.

You need to find out about yourself and how you can escape. This game is really mysterious and the story is really nice. Or, I can say that this is the best horror game on our list.

The story of this game is based on WW1 and it feels like us also. You are playing the role of Alexander Doctor.

He struggles to survive aboard an eerie which is lined by an ocean and it fills with water and starts sinking.

And you tried to escape the ship in the middle of the night and it surely haunts you. After that, you realized that someone staring at you and it was sabotaged by some entities.

There are more things than ghosts and scary monsters, you need to find out about them in the game.

14. Eleanor’s Stairway

Another story-based game on our android horror games list. This game story begins on a tiny island at St Agnes, UK.

The place is abandoned at the beginning of the 19th century. The place was abandoned because of the mysterious curse and the spirits that haunt the island.

The region was tagged as a hazardous zone and was isolated by the British, Spanish, and Portuguese Kingdoms.

After a hundred years the society stops believing in these facts and rumors.

People started moving on to that island and starting living there. The main church on that island was reconstructed, houses and businesses were built and the population started growing.

Then the main story of the game reflects. Some weird things started happening all around the city.

The player finds himself trapped in the old church where the old nun, Eleanor, used to live.

The game storyline is really awesome and many of you will really love this. I like this game but I didn’t play it yet, my brother played this game and he likes it and I thought I should recommend this game.

Well, it deserves the right to be included in our top android horror games list. You can also download this from the google play store.

15. Granny

Granny is an android popular horror game that is available on both android and pc.

As the name suggests, the scary horrible woman is a grandmother who doesn’t want you to get out of his house.

You need to protect yourself to get rid of the granny. There are no ways by which you can beat granny.

Granny knows everything about his house and if you sound then she will harm you in a next-level way.

You can hide in wardrobes and under a bed. You totally have 5 days to survive.

This game is nowadays so much popular that you already know about this game. Granny is simple with an awesome graphics game.

The storyline of this game is quite interesting and I really like this game. You can easily download this game from the google play store.

The size of this game is under 100Mb. You can play this game offline and online depending on your choice.

Final Thoughts

All of the above horror games are nice and available on the google play store.

I don’t recommend any one game because it is difficult for me to choose. I create this horror game list to enhance your knowledge about the games.

There are so many other popular games available but I don’t like them. You can go with any of the above games, I have mentioned their storyline and graphics quality. I hope you get what you wanted in our top android horror game list.

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